Introducing a new era of fully connected transport ticketing

An open marketplace for multi-modal journeys across any number of transport operators. Lower fees, faster settlement and a better retail experience.

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Global travel is broken...

Most end to end journeys involve multiple modes of transport across multiple operators, but most retailers only sell tickets for a single mode of transport in a single area. This means the passenger has to go to many retailers and purchase multiple tickets in separate transactions. By making it easy for retailers to earn the trust required to sell an operator's tickets we can make this problem a thing of the past.

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What is Planar Network?

The Planar Network is an open marketplace of travel tickets where operators can upload their fares and allow any retailer to sell them without worrying that the tickets will be issued correctly.

Using a trustless network built on the blockchain, retailers can sell tickets for any operator on the network without having to know the in's and out's of every ticket format of that operator.

How does it work?

Integrated multi-modal transport

Integrated multi-modal transport

For the first time, Planar now allows passengers and operators the ability to purchase travel tickets from multiple transport operators in a single transaction and store them in an on-chain, portable ticket wallet.

This can be multiple modes of transport or operators across the same network. Both retailers and passengers are now in more control of travel.

Supporting native ticket formats

The ability to convert tickets stored on the blockchain into native ticket formats of the transport operators. No infrastructure changes are required, passengers travel over each operator’s network using the tickets they already accept.

Planar's blockchain remains invisible to the customer, whilst allowing a multitude of end-user benefits. The customer can now enjoy seamless ticket integration with their devices throughout their travel.

Faster distributed financial settlement

The ability to instantly settle transactions involving multiple transport operators. Financial incentives built in for ticket retailers.

Fast distributed financial settlement